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Popular Brand Names You’ve Been Mispronouncing All This Time


Imagine this – you are amidst a number of people, just talking and chit-chatting, and suddenly you guys start talking about things you recently shopped, and you are excited to tell everyone about the cute, beautiful Chanel lipstick that you have bought. After all, you have blown up a fortune to buy those, it is only natural to talk about it.

Popular Brand Names You’ve Been Mispronouncing All This Time

So, you say, ‘I love the new Chanel lipstick that I bought, it has the most amazing colour, and totally complements my skin tone.’ But instead of the awe that you were expecting, you see people sniggering and trying to stifle a smile. Why, you wonder? Because you probably said ‘channel’ instead of ‘Chanel’, and that is why everyone is poking fun at you. Don’t lose heart, a lot of people mispronounce brand names, mostly because they are not always English names, and when accent comes into play, you have pronounced words differently. So how do you pronounce Chanel is not ‘channel’ but ‘Sha-nel’.

Here are some brand names that people generally miss-pronounce


Porsche –
You might guess that it is ‘porsh’ but no. It is pronounced as ‘por-shaa’.

Amazon –
Love to shop at Amazon, but don’t know you have been pronouncing it all wrong? It’s not ‘ama-zohn’ but ‘ama-zun’

Lamborghini –
Who doesn’t love big cars! Lamborghini is probably one of the fanciest ones out there. How do you say this equally fancy car’s name? It’s not ‘lambor-ginni’ as people usually say. It is ‘Lambor-gee-nee’.

Adidas –
Do you love some fancy shoes? Adidas is one of the very popular brands, and owning a pair of Adidas is a matter of pride. But how do you pronounce this name? ‘Uh-Deed-As’ is how people generally say it, but the correct way of pronouncing it is ‘Aah-Dee-Das’.

Sega –
Your first instinct will be to say ‘Say-Gaa’, and you are not to be blamed! Given the spelling, it is how you would say it. It is, however, ‘See-Ga’.

Avon –
We all love the nice cosmetic and skin-care products from Avon. It is popularly pronounced ‘A-Vawn’, trust me a lot of good English speakers also pronounce it that way. However, ‘A-One’ is how you should pronounce it.

There are many more brand names that we mispronounce, so find out and practice!

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-By Shailja Varma

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